Clipboard - What is it?

The clipboard model is already known to many of our competitors and has already had a great deal of effort in all forms of freelance work.
With a rock card, you pay at least 10 hours before and at the end of the hour you will receive a full statement of what the hours are spent.
The hours are counted in minutes so nobody gets cheated - It thinks we are most fair.

Should you stand with a big project that requires 50 hours or more, we have good news.
A 50-hour climbing card is attributed to 10% hours, thus totaling 50 hours to 55 hours.

How are the hours calculated?

We run all projects through the project management system where we have a full overview of your hours.

Should you only need 5 minutes of work, we will only book the 5 minutes.
Thus, when purchasing a 10-hour rock card, you will still have 9.55 hours left.

When all hours are used, we send a full inventory so you can see the assignment, date and time spent on your projects, and we will review the hours with you so that there is clarity about where and how the hours have been used.

How do I get a rock card?

If possible, we always want personal phone contact as tasks are generally understood better.
Let us hear about your tasks and we can tell you an estimate of your project.
We will then send an invoice on the clipboard and start the task after payment.

If you would like more explanation about clip cards, please feel free to contact us by phone or email


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