How to get a unique professional web design for your online shop

Published :2017-04-18 00:48:53
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How to get a unique professional web design for your online shop

Professional web design makes your webshop unique

A professional and unique web design is your golden opportunity to stand out from the competition and personalize your webshop!

The biggest mistake we see is that no design draft (mockups) has ever been made on the website itself.

Things are quietly built up as ideas come, which often ends in a chaos of smart features that the user cannot find out to use.

Design is the cornerstone of your entire online setup

Just as if you are building a house, you have to make drawings right from the start - and in a brand new online store, the design itself is the cornerstone of how we lead the customer through a purchase flow with delicious professional web design and the smart features.

But is it not expensive?
Not really - usually a professional web design is both better and cheaper, as it is much easier to move around in a design than to move in codes.
Even better is that the start of the new online adventure is put in place with a virtual image that shows which way the project should go.

Thoughts on target audience and colors

Laying thoughts in colors is NOT about your favorite color, but more about creating the right atmosphere for your customers.
One example would be that you would sell things to reptiles but your favorite color is pink.
If you moved in a rainforest and saw a pink animal, which way would you run?

Here it is about creating an appearance on its website that associates your customers with the rainforest, ie earth colors.

In addition to creating the page with earth tones, we find a break color that we will later use to guide customers' attention to exactly what we want them to see.
This color is also used for a so-called call-to-action (read more in the section below).

Professional web design with simple setup increases your revenue

Creating a simple and professional web design can, even on complicated functions, create a much better overview for the customers.

The rule for online sales is very simple: It is about fast buying flow and simple design.
Therefore, in a professional web design, you do not use too many colors, but rather get colors and let them be consistent throughout the page.

Create Call-To-Action

In professional languages, we use the word call-to-action as simple explanation means that leads customers to where we want them.
This can for example be a banner / slider on our front page with the latest smart fashion, where we this week give 10% on the whole category.
To create a banner (with a link to the category) where it says CLICK HERE Using the same break-in color (as previously described), unconsciously will make our customers see this button as the first.

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