An Analysis: PrestaShop Speed vs. Thirty Bees Speed

Published : 2019-03-18 12:35:49
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An Analysis: PrestaShop Speed vs. Thirty Bees Speed

Our review of Thirtybees

Due to the downward trend we experienced with PrestaShop in recent years, a group of dedicated developers have started a new project.

What it's all about!

  • Thirtybees version 1.0 has been launched and has been there for some time now.
  • We are eagerly awaiting the next version and hope that the minor errors are corrected (there are not many)
  • We have tested both Prestashop 1.7 and Thirtybees - with Thirtybees as clear winner!

Logging into the back office is a pure pleasure, as the speed is the attempt with up to 3 x speed.

If you look in the codes, you immediately discover that there has been cleaned up - and in some places completely replaced with clean codes, so that back office now no longer unnecessarily loads a lot.
The front page with prestashop theme is also faster. However, we are not impressed if we do not use standard themes.
However, the cache system itself is improved (a speed system): However, it will never beat the clean server optimization, and the choice was therefore not to use that system.

Thirtybees promised that everything would be compatible with prestaShop. This is NOT quite correct, as many unfortunately give rise to installation errors.
However, this is not the big problem as it is not the big tasks to correct modules and themes. Rather the clean code and a little bit of trouble elsewhere.

All our modules will support thirtybees. A great player like Store Commander has already announced that they do not see any problems supporting them in the future.

Why now Thirtybees?

We all know that PrestaShop has suffered serious errors in the core since 1.6 was launched. Prestashop has ignored many of them and has only had 4 people employed in the core development team instead of investing everything in marketing.

This leads to PrestaShop 1.7; a version that nobody is really happy about - neither developers nor webshop owners.

PrestaShop 1.7 is marked by a critical downgrade to 1.6, they have removed features and reduced speed. Moreover, it is not compatible with other existing modules and themes are basically reset.
One might be tempted to call it the iPhone 7 which by far made the same number.

From the point of view of a developer, this means that modules must be rewritten from scratch. In addition, one has to get used to a new interface and new code base.

From a webshop's perspective, however, it is a completely different story, as PrestaShop is opted out for other platforms due to the limited range of features (features), as well as the lack of third-party extensions.

With this in mind, a talented group of developers has started the ambitious project and completely dropped PrestaShop. Ie use an open source project from another development team.

PrestaShop 1.6 replaced by 1.7

The idea of rejecting PrestaShop 1.6 has been discussed among developers for over a year, when it became clear that 1.7 had completely changed the strategy for software.

Everyone has identified a number of faults and deficiencies via PrestaShop Forge, but PrestaShop had to many frustrations for many no immediate solution to the problems - at least any new beta version was filled with the same errors and defects. Webshop owners make greater demands. They need stability, while developers need to follow a clearly defined direction.

Focus on both webshop owners and developers

ThirtyBees wants to listen to the user base that PrestaShop has ignored in recent years. Want new features will be heard through user-based polls, which finally gives webshop owners the opportunity to get the software they want.

At the same time, the security considerations will be taken seriously, so that the eternal errors and omissions that PrestaShop has never listened to can finally be taken care of.

Likewise, developers will of course also not be ignored. As we developers know what makes us frustrated - and not least, what should be added or removed from the core.

Improved stability as well as efforts to make better documentation will make the platform more user-friendly for newcomers, while veterans will maintain a solid base to refer to.

No matter what the future brings, we can only hope that healthy competition from Thirtybees will ultimately make Prestashop wake up!

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