Website Speed

The speed of your website affects both the conversion in your webshop and the ranking of important keywords in search engines such as Google.

Here you get a quick overview of how you can relatively quickly increase the speed of your website. This means that more people will visit your webshop while a larger proportion of these visitors actually buy your products.

Already in 2010, Google officially announced for the first time that the speed of the website affects your ranking on Google.

In many cases, the coding itself is a contributing factor to slow websites. If you use PrestaShop, you can optimize the speed of your webshop considerably if you choose a solution at Presta Speed.

PrestaSpeed can offer you the fastest server on the market! 

Create additional sales with load speed in less than 1 second

A fast web site speed is a big requirement for customers today, it takes too long to read a page, and so the customers disappear no matter how smart your shop is.

Over the years we have created unique software / hardware on servers and in shops so we can at most shops loads at a speed of less than 1 second.

Amazon created sales of $ 1.6 billion just because they got the load down in less than 1 second. READ HERE

Now 1.6 billion is such a large number that for most it is difficult to imagine, but what if your conversion went from 2 percent to 4 percent which would mean a doubling of revenue.

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