Fast-paced PrestaShop hosting for serious webshops

A load speed of less than 1 second! That sounds amazing, can it really be done?

The short answer is YES!

In the long run it can be done on most pages using Presta Speed, which is clearly the fastest solution for PrestaShop hosting.

Our PrestaShop web hosting is markets fastest and safest. Presta Speed meets the great demands of modern E-commerce and websites.

This is how we create load speed in less than 1 second!

The load time naturally depends on a number of factors. Bl. a. how many products you show on each page and how many modules you fill your shop with. With a quite ordinary webshop, we usually hit a load speed of less than 1 second.

Amazon created sales of $ 1.6 billion just because they got the load down below 1 second. 

The conversion rate went from 2 percent to 4 percent, which meant doubling revenue


Is this also possible for my webshop?

Yes, it is quite possible, although it obviously requires a lot of development, as it is important to create a link between Performance, security, development and servers.

This is done according to the following criteria:

  • To set up the server well after what a PrestaShop needs
  • To get the shop to work together the server in a unique way
  • That we finally look through the shop for possibly. errors and connections to third parties

Over the years, we have created something that we believe is unique. Presta Speed offers the market's fastest servers for PrestaShop. Today we are a strong partner for a wide range of webshop owners - both in terms of development and web hosting.

We do not offer web hosting to developers, as we naturally safeguard our development and special knowledge before Prestashop hosting and optimization of load speed.

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