PrestaShop design - tailored to your needs

Creating the right design for his webshop is for many one of the great challenges.

How do we create a simple user-friendly PrestaShop design? Do we get what we want at the same time?

Yes, there is plenty of need to take into account when you want to run a serious webshop.

Why is the design important?

  • What is the first thing a visitor notices in your webshop? 

    What can affect the decision that the visitor trades on your website or quickly clicks on? The answer is "Your PrestaShop design!
  • If a visitor does not like the design and its ease of use, it quickly leaves your website again. First-hand impression is invaluable! Well begun is half complete.
  • The design is just your chance to make your website unique - to really stand out from the competition.

Why develop your PrestaShop design with us?

With a good PrestaShop design you can personalize your webshop!

Our team of web designers focus on developing a unique and attractive PrestaShop theme.

When we develop design for PrestaShop, we think of target group, product area, shopping pattern, purchasing psychology and much more.

Whether you need logo, banner, mockups, html5 design or anything else in the shop, we know how things should be done in a professional way with the right people and expert knowledge behind.

We prepare our PrestaShop design in:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Edge
  • After Effect

... and many more professional programs
We produce web design in the East with Danish project management, which means quality design at low prices.

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